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The popularity of cinema has always been the same in people’s hearts from back to 1896 (when the first motion picture was launched) to the present.  The constantly changing lifestyle has enormously altered, watching the movies on different online platforms like 123movies. The amalgamation of technology and demand has shifted from video cassettes, Blue-ray DVDs to online streaming. The increasing advancement in smartphones, computers, and HD television and easy accessibility of high-speed internet, has made it convenient for viewers to shift from traditional theatres to online viewing.


  • Savings

Watching a movie in theatres can be a bit heavy on your pocket. Every time you go, you need to shell out money for transportation expenses, theatre tickets, and those buttery snacks and cold beverages.

But on the other hand, if you are streaming online, you need to have a one-time investment on the device and the internet. You can invite as many people as you want and eat whatever you want. There is no need to travel and waste your time and fuel on roads.

  • Freedom

You have to abide by many restrictions whenever you are watching a movie in theatres, or else, you may be asked to step out of the theatre. But on the contrary, watching movies online is all about your comfort and preference. You can play, pause, and stop whenever you feel like. Cry as much as you want or laugh as loud as you want; there will be no one to quiet you down.

  • Accessibility

One must know that getting into a torrent website is very difficult, confusing for the people who have less knowledge of Torrent searching the website for the first time. But this particular website is a total gem for easy accessibility for users with user-friendly guidelines and interface. It can be accessible to all age groups very quickly because of Its easy functionality and website accessibility.

  • Less advertisement

It is also experienced in such sites with plenty of explicit advertisements that you get. We understand that it is necessary to have advertisements but not in a phase of losing a customer who finds advertising very irritating. This particular website will not only have bearable advertisements but a decent one. Advertisement is necessary for sponsorship, but it should be kept in mind that customer orientation is on top priority.

  • Tutorials and guidelines on YouTube

People struggling with the functionality of the website instead of easy access ability can always turn to YouTube and guidelines for Website accessibility as it has plenty of videos to make it more user friendly. When confused for anything and everything searching directly, one can look on to the videos as it is a prominent free movie website.

Final Thoughts

Online movies Sites like 123movies and rental trends have caused various amendments in the working of the movie industry and a major impact on consumer behaviour. In an all, it does not matter where you are watching the movie as long as you are enjoying it.