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Ok first of all it is manga and not mango, many people who don’t know about manga often read it wrong as they look kind of similar but in reality they have a vast difference. A mango is a fruit that we all know but a manga is a Japanese style of comic book/ novel with detailed graphics in it.

People let me tell you there are a lot of benefits to reading manga other than the fact that it is extremely interesting for both adults as well as children. Reading manga can help you build a skill known as multimodal thinking which lets you understand pictures/images, shapes and the Japanese sound more accurately and at a pace that is faster than others.

The best site for reading manga used to be kissmanga, which is also known as a sister site to kissanime in all senses, they even got shut down together which screams sisterly in all sorts of ways. The shut down of this site happened because of certain reasons which shall be explained it has been shut down.

In Japan, there are certain piracy laws that every publication/artist, basically everyone who works has to abide by and this site ended up violating a lot of these laws and using sources/URL links from other websites and posting them on theirs. Although no users got in trouble because of this, but most of the manga fans were dependent on it for their daily dose of fun. The shutting down of the site had disheartened many people but the smart ones moved on and found other sites and with that note I now present to you some of the safe sites for some manga binging!

Alternatives for this site are;

  • Mangareader

Mangareader is known to be  one of the most easy going manga website to ever exist. You might wonder why, well it is not just free of cost which is a quality/feature that I always find to be leaning in my benefit. Although this is a very good feature, the one that I love the most is the fact that it has a wide variety of comics for every individual. It shows that Kissmanga is always upto the mark. Not just this, it also has hentai games for your enjoyment as well.

  • MangaPark

It is not exactly super popular at the moment but it’s on its way to reach its popularity. Most manga readers have now switched to MangaPark as it provides free and reliable content. It has similar features as that of mangadex and hence is also considered as a good alternative for that site too. This website let’s you enjoy all the exclusive features which makes your reading experience ten times more interesting.

  • Mangakakatol

It is one of the most popular websites in the manga community and gas a wide variety of comic books/novels that everyone can access. It is also known as one of the alternatives for kissmanga– the one which got shut down due to piracy reasons. And no, don’t worry this site is extremely safe and user friendly.