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One such public question is “Can you use amazon gift card for kindle?”. In this article, I will discuss all about the kindle and also I will try to answer that question. So, let’s start.

Kindle is a famous e-reader designed and sold by Amazon. All over the world, people love this e-reader. In the present time, this e-reader has been used by a huge number of people.

Some saying that the user number is more than 20 million and less than 90 million. This product has over 33 thousand positive reviews. As a huge number of people use this e-reader it has some issues which people want to know.

What is Kindle?

Before we go through the article we must have enough knowledge about kindle itself. Let’s clear your idea about this revolutionary product by amazon. As I already mentioned, the Kindle is an e-reader designed by Amazon. The 1st generation of Kindle came into the market in 2007.

After its first appearance it attracts people and they love it. After getting some positive reviews from the customers, Amazon decided to bring an updated version of Kindle. In 2009 Amazon bought the 2nd version of Kindle.

In this way, till 2019 Amazon changed it several times. Every time they changed its functionality and added some new features. This was developed by Amazon’s subsidiary Lab 126.

Now you can use kindle to read a huge number of books, magazines, newspapers via a wireless connection to the kindle store. This is called to be the revolutionary production by Amazon in the e-reading sector.

What is a Kindle Gift Card?

Amazon has different types of gift cards to satisfy its customers. Among these gift cards, the amazon kindle gift card is one. Amazon introduced this gift card to use in their kindle store. Any amazon customers can use this gift card to buy any content from this store.

This also behaves like amazon’s other gift cards. Many reading lovers love this gift card as it is simple to use. Amazon kindle has different price gift cards starting from 5 dollars. You can buy this gift card from the Amazon website, app, and also from their local stores.

Amazon sells their kindle gift cards in two ways like other Amazon gift cards. One is plastic and another is digital. If you are a member of amazon kindle then you can buy and use amazon kindle gift cards easily.

Can You Use the Amazon Gift Card for Kindle?

Now come to the main point i.e. Can you use the amazon gift card for kindle? I want to answer this question in two ways. One is in one word and another is in detail.

The one-word answer to this question is ‘yes, You can use the amazon gift card for kindle. Amazon allows gift cards in their kindle store. If you have an Amazon gift card then you can use that to purchase any book or anything related to kindle.

Now let’s discuss in detail about this question. As you know that you can use amazon gift cards for kindle but how can you do that? This might be a big issue for you as you are new to dealing with kindles with a gift card. So, I want to show you the way which you can follow to do this.

How to Use Amazon Kindle Gift Cards?

Using Amazon gift cars on the amazon official website and using them in the Kindle store is almost the same. But as you are searching this article and trying to read this about the procedure of using amazon gift cards on kindle that means you know less about this issue. So, to know better about this please follow every step.

Step #1

To redeem your kindle gift card at first you have to go to the Amazon website or the amazon kindle app. You can also visit the kindle store. This is most important because amazon controls all of their balancing activity from their website.

Step #2

Sign in to your account. This is also important because the transaction will be from your personal account. Without signing in to your account you can’t do that. You have to do everything sensitive about amazon from your account on their website. 

Step #3

Go to the gift card option of your account if you want to convert your kindle gift card into an account balance. You can also make any kindle content purchases from the amazon website or from the kindle app and can pay using a kindle gift card. To pay for any purchases you have to select the product or content and then proceed to pay. 

Step #4

If you want to convert gift card balance as account balance then select the gift card option and enter the claim code to the blank space there. But if you want to make a payment of your purchased product then also you have to select the gift card option and enter the claim code of your kindle gift card. 

Step #5

Now the final step. You just have to click on the “Apply” button after entering the claim code. This will just confirm the option that you are going to confirm the deeds you did earlier. After applying your redeeming process is done.

Amazon Kindle Gift card generator

Some people are interested in free gift card generation. They think that free gift cards will give you benefits and they will be able to use that card. Thinking this they search on the internet for a free gift card generator. And taking this advantage some spam websites offering some functionality and trying to give some random numbers saying that they are the claim code of gift cards. Some of these websites make a fool of people by saying that they are amazon gift cards.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle

But actually, these claim codes do not work. These are just wrongdoing with people. For these gift card generators, some people still have some confusion about these gift cards. They want to ask a question that either these gift cards work or not. In my opinion, I want to say that this does not work actually. So, don’t be obsessed with them much.

Amazon Kindle Benefits

Amazon Kindle is a revolutionary invention for the readers. People all over the world love this e-reader from Amazon. But why do people use this and love this e-reader? What are the benefits of using Amazon kindle? That is the matter of discussion today. So, let’s know in detail about the benefits of using Amazon Kindle.

1# Kindle is an E-Book Reader

Suppose you are a book lover and you had one book left to read today. And by midnight you complete that book but you still love to read today but no book left. What will be your mental condition? Is it possible for you to go out and buy a new book at that time?

I think that is not a good idea to do. But you can do one thing i.e. the next day you can buy a Kindle e-reader and start reading these books which you love. You have no fear of being book completed. You can take a new book at any time at any place.

Another advantage of the kindle is it takes no extra place to keep. If you love reading books and you live in a small apartment, what will you do then? Where will you keep these books in that small apartment? For this reason, also kindle is best.

2# Buy Books Without Any Bargaining

Some people love bargaining in the time of buying even books. But if you don’t like that thing then kindle is for you. In the Kindle store, there is a huge number of books and you need no bargaining. All the books are cheap and quality.

If you don’t love going to the library but you have to go there for these books. You have no other way to avoid the library. Sometimes you have to return the book after reading it. If you don’t love any of these then Amazon Kindle is for you. You just buy a book sitting on your sofa you need not return the books you love.

3# Blue Light Preventer

You might feel some problems when you look at the smartphone or laptop screen for a long time. This is because of the blue light emission from these LED screens. These blue lights are harmful to the human body and also to their eye.

As book lovers have to look at the book for a long time, Amazon uses a blue light protecting screen in their Kindle. That screen will not create any harm for the users of Kindle. The name of that screen is E-Ink display. Some people don’t like the e-reader for the blue light effect on their eyes and body. For this reason, Amazon Kindle is the best.

4# Kindle is Cheaper

Paperback books are costly. The publishing company has to invest a lot of money in the book. After doing that investment they have to do marketing and they have to deliver that book to the readers.

For those reasons, paperback books are costly. Sometimes some readers can’t afford to buy the book for their high price. But in this case, e-books are cheaper because they have no much cost. The writer or publisher can sell books at a cheap rate with a good amount of benefit.

For this reason, the e-book system is beneficial for both the writer, publisher, and readers. So, you can love Amazon Kindle for this reason because everyone loves saving some extra money.

5# Special Features

When a reader starts reading a book, he just does not read for enjoyment. Sometimes he needs to mark something in that book. Some people think that e-book readers are not capable of marking some lines and some pages. But Amazon Kindle e is different. You can mark any line, any paragraph, or even any page of a book. These marked parts are also easily gate able.

In every book, there are some words whose meaning is not known to us and we try to search for them on the internet or in the dictionary. It is a lengthy process. But if you are using Amazon Kindle, then it does not require you to do that. Just tap on the word for a long time and it will automatically tell you the meaning of that word or it will redirect to the Wikipedia website for detailed information.

Sometimes we also feel the problem in understanding any sentence of a book. and even sometimes the writer uses quotations from a different language. We may not understand that language.

But if you use Amazon Kindle then it will be easy for you to understand any language very easily. You just have to tap on that sentence for a long time and this will translate that sentence into your preferred language.

6# You can Borrow and Lend Books

We have a habit of borrowing books. After reading that book, we return to its original owner. But to some people, this is just possible in real life, not in virtual. But Amazon kindle proves them wrong. Now, this is also possible in virtual life. You can now borrow books from here friends and you also can lend some books to your friends.

In real life, they have a problem that people take books but don’t return them. But in Kindle, it will be an automatic process. When you lend a book to someone, you just fixed a date and this book will automatically back to you within that specific time. This is the most interesting feature of Amazon Kindle.

These were some special features of amazon kindle. There are some other features too of this product. If you can use this properly then this will change your mind.

Final Verdict

That was all about Amazon kindle and Amazon kindle gift cards. What is your opinion about this article please let us know. Stay with us to get further information about online earning and amazon. Till then stay happy.