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One of such gift card-related problems is the expired date of the Amazon gift card. In this article, we will discuss the expiration date of Amazon gift cards and many others. So, let’s start to know does amazon gift card expire? How to check and how to increase the expiration limits.

Amazon gift cards are the most used gift cards in the field of gift cards. This is produced and given by the famous e-commerce website Amazon. They use this as a medium of small payment and also to give a small gift to their customers.

People have a huge number of queries about amazon gift cards. These queries have popularity also. People when they start using gift cards they fall into problems and try to solve that problem. We tried to give the exact solutions.

Does Amazon Gift Card Expire?

Everything has some limitations. Like everything in this world Amazon gift cards also has some limitations. These limitations make people think again before they buy an amazon gift card.

Among these limitations, the expiration date is one. An Amazon gift card expires after one of its issuing. That means when you are issuing your amazon gift card it will start counting its date. And after one year your amazon gift card will not work anymore. You can’t use any expired gift card for any use.

But expiration does not mean that you will not be able to use your gift card anymore. You can request for revalidation of your expired gift card and in this way, you can use it again.

How to Check the Amazon Gift Card Expiry Date?

Amazon gift card expiration date is a big issue for amazon users. Though amazon provides 1-year valid time with their gift cards some people need more dates to redeem their gift cards. They need to check the expiration date of amazon gift cards.

But sometimes we don’t know how to check the expiration date of amazon gift cards. In this section of the article, I am going to show you the way of checking the amazon gift card expiration date.


To check the expiration date of an amazon gift card you have to go to the Amazon website. Because amazon controls all their services and another thing from their official website.

Step #2

This is an important step. Here you have to log in to your Amazon account. All the information you have related to amazon stored in your Amazon account.

Step #3

In your account, you will get a block or button called “Gift Cards”. You have to click on this section. This is the section where Gift card and gift card information are kept.

Step #4

In the gift card section there you will get all of your gift cards and last transaction info. Open the gift card you have and check the details of your gift card. In the detail cation, you will get the issue date and expiration date. If there is no expiration date then count one year from the issue date. Thus you will find the expiration date of your amazon gift cards.

How to Increase the Expiration Date of Amazon Gift Cards?

The Gift cards from amazon have a limitation of use in case of the date of expiration. Amazon gift cards’ valid date is one year from its issuing time. But if your gift card using the date expires then need not be worried. You extend the date of your amazon gift card. You can do this in two ways. Let’s discuss the ways in detail.

Request Amazon to Renew the Date

If your gift card date is already expired you don’t know about that and after the expiration, you notice that then you can request amazon to increase the date. To request amazon, you have to contact the customer service of Amazon. You can knock on their live chat option and also you can call them.

You can visit the Amazon website and at the top of their home page you will find an option called ‘Customer Service”.  By clicking on this link you can contact the customer service officers of amazon. And request them to increase your gift card expiration date.

Redeem to Your Amazon Account Balance

This way can be followed when your gift card expiration date is not over yet but it is going to be over within 1 or 2 days. You can redeem your gift card to your amazon account before it expires. If your gift cards still have a date to use then convert them into account balance. Amazon account balance can be used for unlimited time. That balance does not expire. If you don’t know how to redeem an amazon gift card into account balance then you can follow this article for step-by-step instructions.

How to Use the Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards have multiple uses. If you have an Amazon gift card then you can use it in the following ways. Let’s read the ways in detail.

You Can Shop on Amazon

Amazon gift cards are sold on amazon. But you know that you can use amazon to buy products and services from Amazon. You can do this in two ways.

You can redeem your gift cards in your amazon account and then you can use that balance to buy anything. And you also can use an amazon gift card claim code to pay your shopping cost. 

Both the ways are famous among amazon users. How you can redeem and pay for your amazon shopping is discussed in this article. You can follow everything you need from that article.

You Can Redeem Gift Card Money on An Amazon Account for Later Use

This is one of the best and most famous ways to use your gift cards. People redeem amazon gift cards in their amazon account and they use that balance later. Redeeming an Amazon account has many benefits. The money date will not expire soon and also the money can be used any time.

You Can Pay People

Amazon introduced gift cards for many reasons. One of the main reasons behind it was to pay people. Sometimes Amazon has to pay their sellers and buyers. Sometimes amazon pays their affiliate marketers. All the payments are mainly done by gift cards. You also can pay the people who live far from you via amazon gift card.

You Can Make Any Surprise Gift

If you want to surprise someone with some small present then you can send him or her a gift card. A gift can be the best gift for a younger person. Some people love getting money as a gift.

You can buy a gift card and then you can end that to the address of the person you want to surprise. Thus you can send a surprising gift using amazon gift cards.

Some people think that gift cards can be gained very easily. They think that some clicks of the mouse can be a cause for him to get a gift card.

But actually gaining a gift card is not so easy. There are a huge number of websites, who arrange some options that generate fake gift card claim codes. But actually, these cards do not work.

In this section, I am going to show you some ways which can help you to achieve a gift card. So, let’s know about the ways.

Take Surveys

The survey is a good way to research the market of a product. You can also promote your product using a survey. For this season there are different survey sites that offer surveys for the people. You can take part in that survey and answer some questions. Thus you can earn some points.

Those websites will give you a chance to redeem your points and then you can redeem your points in exchange for a gift card. Thus you can earn Amazon gift cards from survey sites. Some famous survey websites are swagbucks, inboxdollars, surveyjunkey.

Do Affiliation

If you love writing then you can start writing to promote Amazon products. If people come to read your writing and they buy some product visiting the Amazon website from your promotion link then you will easily get an opportunity to earn an Amazon gift card. Most people use this way to earn Amazon gift cards.

Play Games

As you know if you can take a survey then you can gain an Amazon gift card. In the same way, if you love playing online games then they also have an opportunity to achieve an Amazon gift card.

Some websites offer some points when you play online games on their website. You can redeem those points in exchange for an Amazon gift card.

For this reason, people love playing online games not on their computers or PlayStation or Xbox but on some websites. Some game playing sites are CashApp, AppNana, SwagBucks, AppDown.

Search With Bing

We always search on Google, but you know instead of Google there is another search engine called Bing. Bing is a Microsoft product. We search in Google but Google does not offer any gift to us. But if we have a habit of searching on Bing using Microsoft browser Edge then we can earn some points. 

Those points will be converted into Amazon gift cards. This is a lengthy process because earning points takes some time, but unconsciously you can earn a gift card if you can regularly search on Bing.

Final Verdict

That was all about the Amazon gift card and its expiration date. I hope now you are clear about the Amazon gift card expiration date with the answer to this question.

Actually, Amazon gift cards do expire but we can renew the date when you need them. but amazon provides one year, which is enough time because in this one year you will get enough time to redeem your card.

But if accidentally you don't get any time to redeem your Amazon gift card then don't worry. There are many opportunities and ways to increase your Amazon gift card valid date.

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