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How to get a free iphone 11 pro max?


Have you ever dreamt about getting a free iPhone 11 Pro Max? If you ever had such a dream, you can make sure your dream comes true. Most of the people nowadays imagine about iPhone 11 Pro Max. The reason is that it is one of the best smart phones in this era. Everyone is mad about its feature and top-notch quality.

Gifty Parrot is giving away a chance to anyone from all over the world to get a free iPhone 11 Pro Max for promotional purpose. All the winner from participates will get iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB. Anyone from any of the country in the world can feel free to participate and demand one.

Try our iPhone 11 giveaway contest at the very moment to win iPhone 11 Pro Max worth $1299 for absolutely free. You may be thinking of buying one for a while but think about something that if you can win one for free, why do you need to pay for one this much premium price!

You may have dreamt for this for times, but this time it is neither a dream nor a false hope. The newest member of the iPhone family is already here at Gifty Parrot, and by the time it can be yours for free. Now you have a question that what should you do first for this. All you need to do is to participate in our iPhone 11 Pro Max giveaway! It’s so simple to complete the process, and this is no joke at all.

There is often a question asked by the participants that why are we giving away all the flagship Apple phones for free? It will be a pleasure to answer to that. Here Gifty Parrot is elated and deeply proud by so much love and support of our readers that they showed us all these years as Gifty Parrot had started their journey with a little. But passing all these years, with your extreme support and love, we are beginning to make it big. And this is nothing but a token of gratitude for all of you.

Now, we can say you are so curious to know more about this. We will tell you all we have in store for the grand prize winner.


Gifty Parrot is giving away iPhone 11 Pro Max for free as a promotional offer. And it is for a limited time. The participant has to comment below the site after entering the Giveaway.

The features of iPhone 11 Pro Max and its new offers

The long wait is finally over as iPhone 11 is here with considerable hype. The iPhone 11 joined the flagship list in 2020 with the most demanded iPhone 11 Pro. It has quickly f itself as one of the most demanded smart phones as it is cheaper than XS and XS Max. 

The newest member is the most worthy successor of XR. XR and 11 both of the models share few similarities in their look and feel. You can find six different colors on it and with better finishing than previous. There is a 6.1 inch LCD with the color reproduction and visual exuberance. Comparing to any other LCD panel, we have seen before it is unparalleled. Its killer features and the camera undoubtedly make this a steal deal. 

In front, we have 12-megapixel facing camera. It has an ultra-wide-angle lens which helps you capturing slow-motion selfies, it is called ‘Slofies’. 

You can enjoy a better Super Retina XDR OLED display and A13 Bionic with the fastest graphics processor ever. It also gives longer battery life than previous ones. 11 pro is like a package Apple always strived for!

The most surprising and eye-catching feature is its tri-camera set-up. It gives deep fusion technology and also edge-to-edge focus pixel at the same time. It works incredibly in low light with improved low-light performance. By this, one can take amazingly sharp portraits in low light. 

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has everything in the right amount. It has a pro-level camera, pro-level performance on it. It can be a dream come true moment for the Apple fanboys. Let’s go to win the power of extraordinary. Just submit your application on our site and follow our social media pages, that’s the only thing you need to do for this fantastic prize. 

It is a pro-level device with everything having perfect on it. It has a glass body which gives it a luxurious, fantastic look. All new dual-camera system is also available in the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can witness the best photography experience using it. 

The storage system in incredible with up to 256 GB internal storage on it. One can be able to store unlimited photos and video contents. The glass turdy body is the reason for its premium look. It is also very same that it has a water-resistant to a depth of 4 meters which can be up to 30 minutes. 

You will find a fantastic contrast ratio. It will help you watch HQ contest with incredible peace and smooth performance. There is also an extended touch function to jump into the menus. 


The gaming experience provided by iPhone 11 Pro is unforgettable. It is a wild fantasy to any gadget lover. Without spending a single penny for getting this impressive gadget is everyone’s dream. But is, in fact, the true one!

We know you are craving to find out how to enter this awesome giveaway contest to be one of the winners. Free iPhone 11 Pro survey can be the best opportunity for you. So, without any of further due, let’s cut the case!

What is for the Winners?

Winning this huge thing is a great deal to any. Even we can’t keep ourselves calm like you. You will be notified about the result immediately. Please remember that-

The winners of the contest will be announced in every single month until it is available and you will get an update for every result. If you are the winner, you will get emailed instantly by Gifty Parrot. 

You must remember to follow us on social media because the result of the contest will be uploaded on our social media page. So, do follow and share them. 

We will publish the names of the winners at the bottom of this page. So, what you have to do is to keep tabs on our Gifty Parrot page to keep an eye over them. 

free iphone 11 pro max

How to get free iphone 11 pro max giveaway?

(Step By Step)

Step-1: Hit the “Claim Now” button

Step-2: Enter your offer

Step-3: Fill the fields and complete the concise survey

Step-4: Earn a particular number of points quickly

Step-5: Redeem your points for PayPal gift card rewards

Step-6: Left a review to wish us all the best????

Term and Conditions for the participants | What should participants do?

Don’t waste your time searching for your odds. The thing is no one knows when they can get lucky. And of course, there is nothing to lose here. The giveaway contest here is so easy. You just need to follow several terms and conditions.

Gifty Parrot offers an international giveaway. So that participation can come from any part of the world. 

The winners will be emailed about winnings to the US every month. 

When the Giveaway ends, all the winners will get separate emails on their account about the ending. 

There is no particular rule tom chose the winner. The winner will be selected randomly. That means any of the participants can win it, and the rate is all the same for everyone. 

There are steps which are must to follow for the participants. Otherwise, he will not be granted for the price. 

The selected winners will get their prize of iPhone 11 Pro Max without any payment or cash. It is totally out of cost. 

You have to enter all your details information here. It is obvious to use the right and valid information; otherwise, it will not be taken. Fake entries and Bot clicks are extremely prohibited. Make sure to use all real and accurate information.

Tweet or post about our latest Giveaway. Tag us on that and get a bonus entry free. 

You can win more entries by merely spreading the word on Facebook with tagging Gifty Parrot about the Giveaway. 

If you even don’t get the phone, don’t worry at all. We update our giveaway page with so many free gadgets. So just stay tuned, and maybe your odds of becoming lucky Giveaway winner can be increased.

The Genuine Prize

We offer the winner a free genuine prize. The iPhone 11 Pro Max that the winner is going to get is purely authentic, and it will have a warranty and Apple care with it. It is so important to give them with iPhone 11 Pro Max that it is the greatest than any other iPhone in history.

Offered Internationally

This is a global giveaway survey thing. You can participate in the giveaway program from any part of the globe, and if you win the prize, you don’t have to even pay for anything. Gifty Parrot will ship your prize for 100% free; it doesn’t matter where we have to send.

Trusted Giveaway

Gifty Parrot offers various Giveaway. And it had offered some in the past. You can find the names and information about the previous winners here, which ensures that this Giveaway is all about you. You can trust it without hesitating. It will not cost you anything. Just join the iPhone 11 Pro Max giveaway and get this spending phone without spending a penny!


There is an opportunity for the participants to win brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max free, which are purchased from an authorized seller. ‘Apple’ and ‘iPhone’ both are two registered trademarks of the Apple Inc. These are only used in lawful purposes. They are not sponsors for this Giveaway survey in any way!

It is a matter of happiness to announce for iPhone 11 Pro Max giveaway. It is going to be amazing, and recently it was announced to our followers. So, get $1299 iPhone 11 Pro Max with Gifty Parrot totally free. 

These limited iPhone is for the followers who will participate in our Giveaway. Follow our Twitter and Facebook account and get active in our social media. 

As it is a costly device, so the availability of it is rare. So, please harry up to participate in the contest. This is a limited time giveaway with restricted items. The followers entering now have the most chance of winning it. 

Remember, a form below is waiting for you. Just entering it with the information can easily make all the terms filled. Who knows about luck. Maybe the next luckiest person to win the iPhone 11 Max Pro is you!

As soon as the form below is filled with valuable information, you are automatically one of them of the giveaway list. After choosing the winner randomly, we will post the winners at the very similar page. And the winner will get ten days, where the winner has to respond within these ten days. If not, there will be called for another winner. 

Also, as we said earlier, the prize will be shipped free from us to the winner. And in case if we face any problem sending the gift or unable to ship for any other reason, we will be compensated with a gift card at your given address.


"So, would you still wait? Grab the opportunity here as fast as you can as this can prove to you one of the best chance of your life. Get the offer before it runs out as this Giveaway is for a limited time. We hope that the next prize will be for you. Just have faith and go for it! Test your luck on the Giveaway, maybe you could find one great iPhone 11 Pro Max. Anyone can be lucky at a particular time. This Giveaway will last until the stock ends. So, until the ending, you can try for the prize. The newly released device caught the eye of almost every one of the gadget lovers. There is no reason for not getting that because everyone has their eye on the iPhone. If you are also one of the fans of iPhone and like the latest one then you can make this Giveaway a good try. Try your luck; there might be one waiting for you!"