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There are multiple approaches that how to transfer gift card balance to bank account if you don’t want to redeem it for products. Sometimes people just don’t want to exchange their gift cards for the gifts available on Amazon.

Even when nearby stores with multiple accessories are there to buy for an Amazon gift card. But we are just unaware about the cards, and it often finds its place on a desk corner. Different websites, banks, stores, or mobile apps offer an option to redeem cash for your card with a deduction of a short service charge. A highlighted list on the below section will illustrate the rest:

How to Transfer Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Several websites such as CardCash, Giftcard Zen and Cardpool, and mobile apps provide options to redeem cash for your card and charge a short amount of money as commission. Without selling, you can even get the amount transferred to your bank account by trading it to the Gift Card Exchange option. You can donate it to any charity account through this medium if you feel motivated. The preference is yours.

The Direct Way to Transfer Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

Sorry to say, but there is no direct way to transfer the gift card balance to any bank account as the gift card does not hold any direct currency, hence you can only transfer its value. There are various online trading marketplaces that can help you out to sell your unused gift cards and receive cash. However, 5-10% deduction as a service charge is applicable on different sites.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to PayPal

Now, this is a top-ranked frequently asked question in the PayPal community. This is just another limitation of amazon gift cards that you can’t transfer amazon gift balance to PayPal. But there is a way of inter-link between the PayPal balance and the amazon gift card.

  1. You can add the gift card to PayPal by linking the card number in the wallet section of the account.
  2. Wait for the confirmation of adding the gift card to PayPal as a debit/credit card.
  3. Now pay with that balance for the purchase completed using PayPal.

Trick to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Bank

Currently, there are no other options available to transfer Amazon pay balance to bank account or in any other amazon pay accounts, but certainly, there are some tricks to transfer amazon pay balance to bank account.

What is Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon pay balance is a digital transaction process enabled by Amazon Pay Limited. One can use amazon pay balance to make online transactions on Amazon and other partner websites and apps

Calculate total Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon Pay balance system comprises two main credit systems like Money, Gift, and Credits. Money stores on Amazon pay increase the balance of your account and enable you to process orders from Gifts and Credit stores. Any interpretation to miss balance or a failed transaction process, users can request a refund.

How Can You Load Amazon Pay Balance?

Top up in your amazon pay balance using a credit/debit card issued in India or through net banking and Amazon Pay UPI. you can use cash on your nearby amazon top-up stores to load your Amazon Pay Balance.

To Transfer Amazon Pay Balance Through the Website

  1. Create a user account on the available third-party websites
  2. Go to bill payment and select your bank account
  3. Fill in your bank details
  4. Enter the amount and choose the payment method
  5. Now choose amazon pay as a payment medium

Use Mobile App

There are lists of mobile apps available on the online platforms and follow the instructions stated below:

  1. Download suitable platform software
  2. Create an account with Google or Facebook
  3. Enter a Phone number and verify through SMS or OTP
  4. Now open the software and find “Updated Your Bank Account” (Several bank name may appear and choose your one)
  5. Click on the Right Payment Request Options and enter the payment request amount
  6. Select Payment Way as Wallet
  7. Now select amazon pay balance

Don’t forget the service charge. Different software has its own set of tax values in terms of their services. Some apps require 2 to 3 days to complete the transaction.

Pay Bills for Your Relatives

You can choose a path of paying other’s bills and covert the amount stored in your amazon pay to transfer into cash. This is an easy way to transfer gift card balance into direct cash.

Amazon Gift Card to Cash

Multiple platforms are now offering this to cash your amazon gift card. Reddit or physical exchange or eBay, Craigslist is popular to perform this operation.


Reddit can cash your amazon gift card. But you have to be an existing member of Reddit. If you are not a member, that is totally fine. You can always open it for free.

Then simply visit the gift card exchange, create a post with some details about your card. You can see things like the card’s worth, how much you want in exchange for things like that.

Now, wait for fellow Reddit users to bid for it or offer cash in exchange. Most of the time users offer gift cards and gift certificate codes. But you may be able to find someone with cash to pay for your gift card.

Buy Gifts for Your Families

-Buy stuff and products for your friends and family members if they need anything available in amazon. You can apply your gift card to buy products for them and receive an equivalent cash amount in exchange.


A marvelous safe choice for everyone to sell their amazon gift card. Sometimes even with a price range more than the actual value of the gift card. Now receiving more than the redeem balance of a gift card is odd, but eBay allows you to do so. The exchange rate between currencies makes this happen. People from other countries somehow take advantage of the currency conversion. So, in this scenario, this is a win-win situation.

Use Gift Card Reseller Sites

Too many reseller sites are there now to sell your amazon gift card. You just have to find the fastest reseller sites with less service charge to accomplish your goals. CardPool, Gift card granny, Card Cash, Gift card Rescue are popular choices available online.

Amazon Gift Card to Cash Converter

Every once in a while, you may find different variations of gift cards on a family program or simply as an appreciation token. You may not want to buy a product from Amazon but having some hard cash for it a pretty good idea.


Gameflip is one of the safest ways to sell amazon gift cards for cash. This is a marketplace comprising thousands of buyers which enables a faster transaction process for the Amazon gift cards. Gameflip auto-delivery process sends the gift code to the buyers and sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. Then you can withdraw or transfer the cash anytime.

Free $100 Amazon Gift Card Generator

After everything related to the amazon gift card and the transfer process of the amount to any bank account, I want to welcome you all on a $100 Amazon gift card giveaway session. You can get a $100 Amazon Gift card from here. Follow the registration process and wait for the email verification to win a free $100 amazon gift card.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle

Free Amazon Gift Card Redeem Codes

Is it bad if someone offers you free amazon gift card redeem codes? There are thousands of websites to earn free amazon gift card redeem codes, but not all of them are real. Neither all of them are fake. Some require a surveyor to sign up for free services or ask you to refer others to become applicable for receiving gift card codes. I have already discussed several websites or mediums that giveaway free amazon gift card redeems codes.

Final Verdict

Do not wait and find something that will award you with a $5 to $1000 free amazon gift card redeem code. Exchange the gift card with cash and transfer the amount to your bank account. Websites are gradually improving their methods of offering cash for the gift card balance. You can always find new ways to transfer gift card balance to bank account.