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We all have seen movies, right? But all the movies we have seen not in the theatre only! With the advent of new technology over the past years, it caused a major impact on the culture and way of living. With the influence of digital revolution, movies are no longer confining not only in theatres or televisions but also among the internet too.

Movies began to transform from books to video cassettes, DVD’s and now end in online fmovies streaming sites. Because of its digital availability of movies, consumers got many options to search and find their favorite movies.

Online Streaming

Streaming over a media means that, the digital transmission of television programs or videos broadcast on the internet. Online streaming sites got drastic popularity in now a day. These movies carry out the higher spatial resolution of image content to satisfy viewers. Internet television is now common in almost all countries.

A new television that is sold in the market is smart TV’s. Major online website providers like fmovies allow users to view content without subscription and some are with charges.

  • Currently, there are many websites available on the internet to download and watch movies online which results in the wide availability.
  • Once a customer subscribes to the connection, they can view the content from any location from that account.
  • This created a huge competition in the film industry, DVD rentals and cinema theatres.
  • Online streaming sites provide the viewers to download their desired television shows or movies into their personalised home theatre.

The growth rate of the online fmovies market is enormously rising up.

Advantages of Online movies

  • In the current scenario, anyone who has an internet connection can watch movies through mobile phones or computers from anywhere.
  • Anyone can easily browse and watch thousands of movies which are not available in DVD shops or theatre.
  • Watch and download without worrying how much it costs and no need to carry anything like storage devices.
  • Online media assure good picture and high definition sound quality.
  • Online streaming at fmovies ensures strict safety guidelines guaranteed and trustworthy.


  • The major drawbacks of online fmovies are, the viewer can’t enjoy theatre experience in televisions or mobile devices.
  • Consumers have to compromise the widescreen experience and surround sound system.
  • Modern film industry introduces new technologies like 3D, 5D and 6D with effects and brings viewers to the plot. Online can’t give this.
  • So many chances of affecting viruses and malware in certain insecure sites and some sites require personal information.
  • There is always a huge risk of piracy becomes a financial loss to the filmmakers.


It has been evident that, the advent of technology in the film industry has resulted in the consumer lifestyle. The advancement stimulates consumers to select online streaming for their easiness. However, filmmakers forced to release some of the popular TV shows and movies in online media.

“When the first-class directors and favorite celebrities choose online release, maybe it’s the moment for us to change.”