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Now redeem Amazon gift card in another country, or you have an amazon gift card from amazon. But you want to buy a product from Can you do it? Or does the amazon corporation support this transaction?

 It is not impossible to redeem amazon gift cards in another country, but it is certainly a shifting process. Versatile gift cards surrounding the market eventually decreasing the necessity of cash. It’s not just the online market anymore.

Physical stores near you are accepting currency value as Amazon gift cards, visa, or PayPal gift cards. You can exchange these gift cards for cash or even capable of transferring the balance to a bank account.  Read the information given below:

Can Amazon Gift Cards Be Used Anywhere in the World?

The terms and conditions regarding redeeming amazon gift cards in another country or in another supporting organization with a different domain are possible or not is a conflicting topic in amazon service. Twitch amazon gift card services you can’t use anywhere in the world.

You can only use an amazon gift card to sign up for any service being processed by Amazon. You can renew, start or pay off your amazon gift card for any subscription to Amazon without affecting your bank account.

Amazon Gift Card International Use

There are many companies with their own gift cards suitable for their websites or inline platform and amazon has its own. Amazon gift card cards are  available in different countries ensuring their trusted service.

Rules and regulations to maintain a proper service and the customer demand ensures that the gift cards are suitably accepted in the modern community. Amazon is now simultaneously servicing in 9 different countries.

How to Use Amazon Gift Card

Once you redeem an amazon gift card, the balance stored transfers to your amazon account automatically. You can use the balance for your next eligible offer. Follow the steps written below to redeem a gift card:

  • Find the claim code.
  • Go to Redeem a Gift Card.
  • Enter your claim code and select Apply to Your Balance.
Redeem Amazon Gift Card in Another Country


  1. If you want to save your gift card balance to spend on another feast, find the “Keep Your Gift Card Balance to Use Later”.
  2. during checkout, enter your claim code in the Gift Cards & promotional codes field on the Review your order page to use a gift card.
  3. Default payment method is a subsidiary option in case if you have exceeded the amount of your gift card balance.
  4. A gift card is not eligible to purchase another gift card or to pay for a Prime membership fee.

Rules of Amazon to Use a Gift Card

As per the rules and regulations of, you can only redeem an gift card for the purchase of products on only. In a similar fashion, an gift card is only redeemable on the website. Likewise, the process of,, However, you can surely purchase an

amazon gift cards from anywhere around the world with a non-U.S. credit card. When you redeem an Gift Card or gift voucher to your account, the funds are stored in Your Account and will automatically apply to your next eligible order.

List of International Gift Cards

The major credit card companies offer secure protection and an instant transaction process to purchase via debit and gift cards throughout different countries. A lists of international gift card and their uses and restrictions are compared below:

Amazon offers gift cards for a particular website only applies to the specific country. Like, you can’t use a gift card from in Canada, but you surely can use a gift card from

you can spend a best buy gift card to any accepted stores at your service. But best buy is only accepted in United states of America.

Home Depot accepts Home Depot gift card in any of its stores or online throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

While Apple is a global brand having an official store at every famous city, but an iTunes gift card is only acceptable at the United States.

Walmart has been successfully operating over 55 countries around the world, but the company yet doesn’t sell international gift cards. Any Walmart gift card bought in the U.S. can purchase domestically.

American Express gift card is only accepted throughout the United States.

Recognized globally by the logo but certainly has a different terms and conditions. Because the company logos are recognized globally, Visa gift cards are easier to find for international use. However, that has to be marked as such. Mastercard gift card applies the same rule.

List of Country That Have Amazon Gift Card

It’s important to note that you can’t use an gift cards on another Amazon’s international websites like the German website. You must own separate Amazon gift cards for each country they are issued in. Currently, amazon has issued gift cards suitable for 9 different countries.

  1. U.S., Canada
  2. U.K., Germany
  3. France
  4. Italy
  5. Spain
  6. China
  7.  Japan

Expiry Date of Amazon Gift Cards

Individual gift cards have their specifically designed Ribbon indicating region-specific Amazon gift cards. Unlike the U.S. gift cards, some of the international gift cards do have expiration dates — typically 10 years.

Tip: The best way to gift someone is to use an international virtual Visa gift card where the Amazon gift card is not yet available, you can even send the same reward to recipients in multiple countries.

Amazon Gift Card Generator

Amazon gift card generator is a simple online tool to generate amazon gift card redeem code for free. You can generate $5, $25 or $100 gift card code for your next purchase. Sometimes, amazon gift card generator requires surveys or simple task related to digital marketing and that allows you to receive a compensation for your effort. Follow the steps given below to generate amazon gift card redeem code:

  1. Visit amazon gift card generator page
  2. Enter your credentials
  3. Select region
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Click, generate now
  6. Copy the gift card code
Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle

Amazon Gift Card for Different Countries:

  • USA

  • Australia

  • Ireland

  • Canada

  • euros

Amazon Gift Card USA

You can find an Amazon gift card in euros even at or vice versa to buy an amazon gift card in pounds. You can use the gift card to top up your amazon balance or use the code directly during checkout.

Free $100 Amazon Gift Card Generator

You can find several gift card generators available online to generate free gift card in exchange of completing a survey. Though the amount of the gift card varies but you can find here $100 gift card generator here. You can look for following ways to generate free $100 gift card.

  1. look for giveaway campaign
  2. use $100 amazon gift card generator
  3. follow the registration process on generator tool and wait for the verification to win a $100 amazon gift card

Free Amazon gift card redeem codes

There are thousands of websites to earn free amazon gift card redeem codes, but not all of them are real. Neither all of them are free. Complete the surveys and community building works assigned to you. And you are eligible to acquire free amazon gift card redeem codes.