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Some people try to transfer amazon gift card to another account from their account. This article is for them. You can’t actually transfer gift cards to another account if once you redeem that in your account.

People all over the world use Amazon. They love using this shopping site. The popularity of Amazon is also known to the Amazon authority. For this reason, they try to spread their services in a different way and people also take the new services from them.

For those new services and new users, some questions arose out of some problems. One such problem is Amazon gift card transfer. Let’s have a look at a clear insight view of this question.

Can You Transfer Money From One Amazon Account to Another?

As you are trying to transfer money from one Amazon account to another account. It means that you already add some money to your account but now you are trying to transfer that money to another account. According to Amazon terms and conditions, you can’t do this. Amazon will not allow you to transfer money from one Amazon account to another Amazon account.

 But if you want to transfer money from your account to another account then you have to buy a gift card using your account balance and then you can give that gift card to that account holder. This is an easy way to transfer one account’s money to another account.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Another Account

You can also make a gift to the account you are expecting to transfer the money to. You just select some item and make a purchase, and in the delivery address, you just provide that account holder’s address.

Now that product will be delivered to the account you’re expecting to transfer some money. Without this, there is no other option to transfer one account’s money to another account.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to PayPal?

Paypal is a famous medium for transferring money from one place to another place. This is used usually to transfer money worldwide. People from every corner of the world love Paypal very much.  The international community also accepts Paypal as a trusted money transformer.

On the other hand, Amazon gift cards are also very famous among Amazon users. Amazon gift cards have different functionalities which help people to use them in any place, especially in the Amazon community.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Another Account

You can purchase anything from Amazon and any service from Amazon by using a gift card. But one thing which you will not be able to do and that is you cannot transfer amazon gift card balance to your Paypal. Paypal has no such option. The main reason behind it that Amazon does not allow this.

Amazon is trying to confine you within them. For this reason, You have to use an Amazon gift card only to purchase something from Amazon. They don’t like that people should redeem Amazon gift card balances into cash money. That’s why Amazon does not support transferring money to Paypal and PayPal also has no option to do this.

But you can do one thing, as Amazon gift card is a type of credit card, then you can link this card to your PayPal account and you can make any purchase or money transfer from your PayPal account using that card. Paypal can help you by doing this. But to do that, you have to use CardCash.

Step #1

The first step is you have to go to CardCash. This is important because gift cards need CardCash to transfer money to Paypal.

Step #2

Now you have to enter the Merchant’s name and your gift card balance. There may be some special offers for your gift card balance transformation. So, click on the “Get Offer” button.

Step #3

Now the authority will show you an offer. If you love that offer then click on the “Continue” button. This will start the final procedure.

Step #4

Now you have to enter your gift card claim code and then you have to enter your CardCash PIN. After doing these two you have to click on “Continue With PayPal”

Step #5

Now you have to log in to your Paypal account. Don’t worry CardCash is safe to use.

Step #6

The final step is a bit long. You have to fill a form and click on the submit button. Your transfer process is done.


  • To do this successfully, You have to have the 3 things in the same name. These three things are Card Name, CardCash account name, and also PayPal account name.
  • You can get free amazon gift card from this link.

Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle

How to Transfer Money from Amazon Pay to Paytm

Day by day digital payment systems are getting popular all over the world. People from different parts of the world are using digital payment systems to meet their daily needs. Among some famous digital payment and money transfer systems Amazon Pay, Gpay, PayPal, Payoneer, and Paytm are famous.

Amazon Pay and Paytm are new in this competition. Today we are going to discuss the two newcomers in the field of digital money transfer systems. Some people try to transfer money from Amazon Pay to Paytm. But it is not an easy task to do.

Because Amazon Pay does not have an option to send money to Paytm. But if you want to do that, you have to follow some special steps. These steps may seem to you a little funny or cheating but except this, there is no other option to transfer your Amazon Pay money to your Paytm account. So, let’s discuss these steps.

Step 1

Download any of the shopping apps from the play store which supports Amazon Pay and famous e-wallets.

Step 2

Make any purchase from that e-commerce app. And pay that money from your Amazon Pay. Remember that the product selection is important because if you want to transfer 20 dollars from Amazon Pay then the product price should be 20 dollars.

Step 3

If your payment is done then wait for some time. The time may be from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After that time you have to cancel that order. 

Step 4

After the cancelation of that order, the app authority will ask you for a way to refund your money. Here you have to select any e-wallet. When selecting the e-wallet check if that wallet supports Paytm or not. You have to select an e-wallet that supports Paytm.

Step 5

When the shopping app authority refunds you money to your e-wallet then transfer that money from the e-wallet to your Paytm. This will take some time to complete the whole process.

How to Transfer an Amazon Gift Card to a Bank Account

Amazon gift cards are a very good and popular way to send someone a gift. But some people think that they will withdraw the gift card balance to their bank account.

For this reason, some people try in different ways. In this part, I am going to teach you how to transfer an Amazon gift card to a bank account. But before I start showing you the process, I want to make you aware of some important issues which may confuse you later.

The transformation process will take 5 to 7 days without including holidays. Sometimes the time duration depends on the bank you are trying to transfer the gift card to. You have to transfer your gift card balance to your bank account via Amazon pay, for this reason, your bank should be verified. Because Amazon pay does not support any unverified bank account.

The transformation process does not need any cost. That means Amazon and Bank will not cut a single penny from you. But there is a limitation of transactions. You can’t transfer less than $1 from your Amazon pay to your bank account.

Sometimes some issues happen when we try to transfer Amazon gift cards to our bank account using Amazon pay. But don’t worry about that. If the transformation process is failed, then the money will be back on your Amazon pay account.

Step 1

To convert your amazon gift card balance into money and then transfer it to your bank account you have to go to the Amazon Pay account. Without amazon Pay, you will not be able to do that.

Step 2

After going to your Amazon pay account You have to click on the withdraw fund option. (Before you do that please ensure that you transfer your gift cards to your Amazon Pay account.)

Step 3

Now you will find multiple options to transfer your money. Among these options, you have to select Bank Transfer, and also you have to enter your Bank account. (The bank account must be in your name and also the bank account must be verified)

Step 4

Now the time to choose the amount you want to transfer to your bank account. You just have to enter the amount in the dollar. (Dollar maximum has no limit but there is a limitation of minimum amount. You have to transfer at least 1 dollar.)

Step 5

The final option is to click on the continue option. This is just to confirm your all deeds. Now everything is done.

How to Redeem the Amazon Gift Card for Cash

A gift card is usually used for making small payments or for giving some small gift to Amazon users. Amazon wants people to use that Gift card by buying some product or service. But sometimes some people think of making a gift card as cash.

For this reason, they search for different ways to convert gift cards into cash. For them, I am going to show you some ways. If you can follow these ways then you will be able to make your gift card into cash.

Sell Your Gift Card

Selling gift cards is a good way to convert your gift cards into cash. Something might not be valuable to you but some people might be searching for it. You are feeling that you don’t need a gift card but there are a huge number of people who are searching for that gift card.

So, you can sell your gift card to those who want to buy it. There are a huge number of gift card exchanging websites and social media communities to buy and sell gift cards. You can search on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms. You can also ask your friends too.

Transfer Your Gift Card to Bank

I already explain to you in this article the ways of transferring your gift cards into your bank account. If you follow these steps then you will be able to convert your gift card into cash. For that, you have to use Amazon Pay and a verified bank account. Please go above this article and follow the steps.

Exchange Your Gift Cards

If you have a gift card and you have no use of it. On the other hand, your friend or relative needs a payment method to shop on Amazon. If it happens to you then you can easily convert your amazon gift card.

You just have to go to the Amazon website and shop for your friend or relatives and then in the section of delivery address put the delivery address of your friend for whom you are buying something. And you can take cash money from your friend.

Thus you can convert your Amazon gift card into cash. I hope you get a clear idea about exchanging gift cards.

How to Redeem an Amazon Gift Card

All the ways I mentioned above are related to redeeming Amazon gift cards. There are different types of redeeming processes for Amazon gift cards. You can use your own way and go ahead with that one which you feel comfortable with.

I give you some easy ways here but you can also redeem your gift card in two other ways which I discussed in another of my articles. You can follow that article to solve your problem. Here is the link to that article. Please visit that page and get your necessary information.

Transferring an Amazon gift card to another account is not a simple task because Amazon does not support this. That’s why we have to follow some special techniques to give your gift card to another Amazon account holder.

Final Verdict

If you read the article attentively then I hope you get a clear idea about your expected question’s answer. Stay with us for some more Amazon gift card-related problem solutions. Thanks for reading the article attentively.