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One of the famous YouTube channel Unbox Therapy iPhone giveaways was a topic of discussion in recent times. They announced 400 plus iPhones in a giveaway to their subscribers. But actually, they did that or not nobody knows. In this article, we are going to talk about Unbox Therapy iPhone giveaway.

iPhone giveaway now becomes a trend in the market. Not only iPhone giveaways but also other valuable products. In the present time, most of the companies and individuals are trying to attract the attention of people by using the word ‘giveaway’ but actually do they do the giveaway, or do they provide the product to the winner? This is a confusing term.

What is Unbox Therapy

Before going to know about  Unbox Therapy iPhone giveaway, we have to know about Unbox Therapy. What is Unbox Therapy? Who are they? What do they do?

Actually, Unbox Therapy is the name of a YouTube channel that introduces or unboxes new mobile phones and other gadgets. They have almost 18 million subscribers.

Unbox Therapy iPhone Giveaway

This YouTube channel is famous for many things, one of the things is their iPhone giveaway. They announced 400 plus iPhones to give to their subscribers. But their announcement creates confusion and criticism among the people.

Does Actually Unbox Therapy Give iPhone to People

When the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy announced that they will give 400 iPhones to their subscribers then some people became confused. They think, they will not give the huge number of iPhones or they are just lying.

Some people believe that they will give those iPhones because they are very famous and they have almost 18 million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

There are other types of people who think that they will give the iPhone but from where will they give? how much do they earn from the YouTube channel? And how will they be able to give the iPhones to people? This creates confusion among the people. But actually, did Unbox Therapy give iPhone to people?

The answer to this question is not known to me because I am not involved in their activity and I haven't seen any people getting iPhones from them. I don't have any information that they are frauds.

So I cannot tell them fraud or I cannot assure that they are real. But if you get the answer to some questions then you will get your own decision about them.

What is the Net Worth of Unbox Therapy and 400 iPhones?

If we consider that they will provide an iPhone 11 to their subscribers. The price of an iPhone 11 128GB is 650 US dollars in 2021. Now multiply 650 400 times. The result will be about 260k US dollars.

On the other hand, the net worth of Unbox Therapy YouTube channel’s owner Lewis Hilsenteger is about 24M USD including everything he has. So, I hope you might get an idea that he has the ability to give 400 iPhones to their subscribers or not.

Apple Company Sponsorship

Though Apple is a huge company and they already have huge popularity all over the world. On the other hand, Unbox Therapy has only 18 million subscribers. Some people think that Apple might contact Unbox Therapy and they give 400 iPhones as a gift to Unbox Therapy for its popularity.

By doing this, Apple expects promotion of their company from him. This is lame logic because Apple’s popularity and marketing strategy are very high. They will not hire YouTube channels like Unbox Therapy to promote their product.

But don't know, Apple might think in that way and they might give the sponsorship to Unbox Therapy. Louis also can give the phone with his own money.

Marketing Strategy

Some people think that Unbox Therapy iPhone giveaway is a marketing strategy that just tried to gain some instant popularity and gain some subscribers by this announcement. We already find the impact of his iPhone giveaway in his subscriber graph.

In June 2018, almost 700k people subscribed to his channel. That was the highest level of gaining subscribers in a month.

In recent times, we are astonished to see the subscriber number in March 2021. The number was reduced to 100K subscribers only. This fall of his monthly subscriber proves that he has lost his popularity. That means he might not have the iPhone as the winner.

For this reason, he lost the trust of the people. If his iPhone giveaway was true then people would love him more and more today.

YouTube iPhone Giveaway

Following Unbox Therapy and many other famous YouTube channels, some new YouTube channels are offering giveaways. Some of the YouTube channels are offering iPhone giveaways and others are offering something different.

This has now become a popular term on YouTube and people are also being fooled by them. Because most of the time the YouTube channel authority does not give the result for the prize of their giveaway. This is not true for all Youtubers, there have some differences.

Some YouTube channel’s owner does that honestly. If channel authority does that honestly or they make people fool that doesn't matter. But it has now become a marketing strategy to gain instant popularity and a huge number of subscribers on YouTube.

This way is the best way because people are tempted to value the valuable thing and they try to gain some valuable thing out of any cost. That's why they start participating in this type of giveaway and sometimes they become fools.

Final Thought

Finally, some suggestions to you to make you aware. As I already mention that nothing in this world is free, everything has some values. So don't think that people will give you a valuable iPhone for free.

If anyone does that then he has a very great business policy behind that. So be aware of that and don't be trapped by these tempting offers. So, stay with honesty and work with attention. Good results will come to you.

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