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Reading manga has become a luxury that everyone can afford now. and not just kids, but young adults and adults are also using this to the full because it reminds them of everything they wanted as kids. Mangas hold a special place for young adults nowadays as they have yearned to get them while they were only being printed in magazines before.

Now that it is available online on manga websites, it is a habit that many forget to even forget. Waiting for the next chapter while there is a pile of work still left behind is not something that will concern them anytime soon. But how exactly can you read manga on mangareader?

No Need To Register

Already have the manga in mind and don’t know how to find them on the site? Then just use the search engine provided at the top. A manga can have many different names and the names will differ from website to website depending on the translator they are using. If you want the raw version, then the name is the same in all of them. So you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding them on the site if you know the right name.

But if you don’t have a manga in mind then check out the recommended ones on the home page. If you register with an account, then the recommended ones will change according to the genres you have chosen as your preference. Otherwise, all of them will be displayed. Yes, there is no need to even register to read mangas on this site.

Click On The Manga

Once you have chosen the manga, then there isn’t a lot more left to do. Click on the manga’s cover page displayed on the home page or the results tab. Once you do, then it shows a page with a small description of the manga along with the status. Below this, the number of chapters is shown. If this is the first time you are reading it then click on the first chapter and continue mangareader.

If you have read a part of it somewhere else, then start from the chapter needed by clicking on it. it is easy to navigate through the chapters as clear buttons are indicating on whether you want to proceed to the next one. while reading a chapter, an arrow is present on the screen to indicate moving to the next image. Usually, only one image is shown per page, but you can alter it by clicking on images per page and setting it to the one you want.

Using The Application

There is also a mobile application present for this site that allows downloading the mangas offline. The site is available on the google play store in the case of android and the app store for iOS. The versions and layout may differ depending on the software of the device, but the overall function of the app is still the same and that is to allow readers to enjoy reading mangas.

If you are using the app, then you will need to have a registered account that will also allow you to bookmark any manga. Bookmark the mangas on mangareader to continue reading from where you left.